Masquerade Party (3/7 Fri)

Masquerade party was hold on March 8. Many international students who studied in UCD gathered together. Participants put on a face mask (1) and ate various kinds of pizza(2).


(1)   Participants put on a face mask


(2)Eating pizzas

We could made new friends for the first time. So we made new friends. We and other international students kept dancing, talking and eating while this party.(3) We had  a really good time.


(3) The ambience of a concert venue

Graduate ceremony (3/7 Fri)

We graduated from “English for Science and Technology Program” on 8th March, 2014.(1)



(1)   Graduate ceremony

 Students who were representative of four grade classes  gave speech. Saki Onishi,(2)  who is freshman, spoke about the different feeling between America and Japan. She said “When they talk, Japanese focus on speaker, but American focus on listener.”


(2)Saki Onishi’s speech

 And Chisato Morino, who is sophomore,  said “I learned American culture through communicating with host family. I thank them for treating me like family.” Finally Nari Fuzita teacher said “You should take good care of living every single second, it is not good to worry about tomorrow.” We can grow quickly in this program. We have the highest respect for all teachers. Thank you very much.


Welcome party (2/8 Sat)

 We held the welcome party. We invited our host families and another university students to this party. We communicated with them through exchanging culture. We prepared rice balls and wheat noodles(1) and booths to introduce Japanese cultures such as Cup and ball & Spinning top, Japanese calligraphy and Origami.


(1)   We prepared rice balls

 We taught them our cultures and ate Japanese foods with them.  We were glad they were very interested in our cultures(2)

(2) Origami 

 Moreover, we played trivia about Japan. I was surprised that they knew about Japan very well. It was exciting.(3,4).

(3)   Play trivia


 (4)The party was really exciting.

 The good point was we could make friends with them through the party.  Some students play another host family on another day. I hope to keep this event.

(5) group photo

生命科学部 学部独自海外プログラム結団式・交流パーティーを開催

生命科学部 学部独自海外プログラム結団式・交流パーティーを開催