Graduate ceremony (3/7 Fri)

We graduated from “English for Science and Technology Program” on 8th March, 2014.(1)



(1)   Graduate ceremony

 Students who were representative of four grade classes  gave speech. Saki Onishi,(2)  who is freshman, spoke about the different feeling between America and Japan. She said “When they talk, Japanese focus on speaker, but American focus on listener.”


(2)Saki Onishi’s speech

 And Chisato Morino, who is sophomore,  said “I learned American culture through communicating with host family. I thank them for treating me like family.” Finally Nari Fuzita teacher said “You should take good care of living every single second, it is not good to worry about tomorrow.” We can grow quickly in this program. We have the highest respect for all teachers. Thank you very much.



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