Introduction about Davis

Campus information


1. Cowell

IMG_6821 IMG_6469

You take a class in this building. There are some computer rooms you can use.


2. MU (Memorial Union)

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 It is a cafe. Many students gather there in their spare time. You can buy something to drink, pizza, brownies, cakes and so on.


3. Extension center

1896914_200998133442540_52698959_n 図2

 On Thursdays, it has Weekly Ice Cream Social, so you can eat ice creams for free! There is a valley ball court outside and you can borrow rackets and balls.


4. Silo terminal, MU terminal

図7 図6

There are two bus terminals in UCD. You can take a bus for free.

5. UCD shop

 You can buy original goods with Davis’ logo. Many students wear hooded sweatshirts.


6. Scenery

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The campus is covered with a lawn. There are many squirrels.



 First students’ recommend cafe and restaurant. Please try it!!

1. Crepeville

This shop serves you delicious crape.


2. YoloBerry Yogurt

図4 図3 

This shop sells frozen yogurt. It is like soft ice cream. You can choose fruits, chocolate, cookies and source as a topping. The price depends on the weight.



3. Farmers market

 It is held on Wednesday evening and Saturday morning. You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables. Ornamental products are also sold there.


4. Burger and brew

図10 図11

 It is one of the local hamburger shop. The hamburger is so delicious.



5. Bath & Body Works

This is the recommended shop to buy souvenirs for girls. You can buy bath goods. Hand gels which have a sweet smell are very famous. The price is also cheap.



6. Amtrak station


Amtrak is a train. You can use this station when you go to San Francisco and Yosemite National Park. You have to make a reservation beforehand.