About this program

Why do you start this program?


Tsukasa Yamanaka—professor in college of life science of faculty of bioengineering

 We started this program in order to provide students with chances to practice PEP English. Since 2008, we have taught Project-Based English, which Yuji Suzuki leads. Our purpose is to train “Using English” skill. In this class, students have to select one theme which they are most interesting and study them, reading for documents and interviewing people. And then they have to presentation in the final class. But something we always worried about. It is a shortage of chances to practice and show PEP English in a place where English is mother language. That is why we began this program. We chose Science and technology class in UC Davis, because this program meet our students needs of learning professional English. We hope students try to challenge anything they want to do and grow wonderful.



Introduction of this program

 University of California, Davis(UCD) is leading agriculture, agricultural business and botany. Its campus is the largest campus in the UC system and it has 26,000 students. This Program aims to improve basic English  skills  (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speak).  It also focus on enriching skill of presentation and using technical terms through the projects related to life science, pharmaceutical science and sports science. 

It consists of four classes written below.

・Listening and Pronunciation
 In this class, students will build up your listening and pronunciation skills through directed practice and mini quiz. It also makes emphasis on frequently-used vocabulary.

・Hot Topics
 In this class, students will improve their critical thinking skills. they will discuss topics about science and technology. Once a week, they will have a discussion with UCD students. The students who participated in this class in 2014 dealt with computer science, regeneration medicine and so on.

・Intercultural Research Project
 In this class, students will develop a stronger understanding of American scientific and technological culture, increasing spoken English. This class is like English Project Based English program(PEP) class in Ritsumeikan University. In this class, students will choose one topic from science and technology field and research about it. It is needed for students to make a correlation between their topics and American culture. Also, they will interview people in UCD. 

・Site visit

 Once a week, students will observe laboratory and institution in the university. Students will not only visit them but also study them in advance. Aftervisiting, you discuss what you found with other students. In 2014, participants visited farm, laboratory of tissue engineering and  so on.
Event information


 During this program, many events are prepared for students.

・Weekly Ice Cream Social
 Every Thursday, students can eat ice cream all they want. It is free. this even give you a chance to make friends with many people.


You can join a lot of tour. For example, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Napa valley, where is famous for wine.

 Bowling, movie, basketball game and so on.


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