Welcome party (2/8 Sat)

 We held the welcome party. We invited our host families and another university students to this party. We communicated with them through exchanging culture. We prepared rice balls and wheat noodles(1) and booths to introduce Japanese cultures such as Cup and ball & Spinning top, Japanese calligraphy and Origami.


(1)   We prepared rice balls

 We taught them our cultures and ate Japanese foods with them.  We were glad they were very interested in our cultures(2)

(2) Origami 

 Moreover, we played trivia about Japan. I was surprised that they knew about Japan very well. It was exciting.(3,4).

(3)   Play trivia


 (4)The party was really exciting.

 The good point was we could make friends with them through the party.  Some students play another host family on another day. I hope to keep this event.

(5) group photo


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